League Against Cancer Prague is a non-profit humanitarian organisation.

Member of  UICC and ECL.




Dear friends,

you are all friends of the League, you follow its activity and participate in it, so you will certainly be interested to turn around and evaluate with us the previous year.

We celebrated 25th anniversary of the League Against Cancer Prague and on this occasion we remembered also our founders and their motivations for establishing such humanitarian organization.

Since its inception the League has emphasized the necessity to educate all people of this country. We all know that it is never ending work because adults are hard to teach and from a certain age can be educated only with difficulty even though they are aware that they can all be affected by carcinoma.

We are constantly trying to bring information regarding possibilities of prevention of oncogenic diseases, their formation and a possible treatment. To pass on information is the most valuable thing that can be offered. As a bonus, we put in our energy, vision and effort.

Last year we continued and participated in all main programmes, all scheduled events took place.

Long-lasting programme of oncological prevention included Symposium of experts at the World Day Against Cancer. Topic - Carcinoma of reproductive organs of men and women - was discussed by expert gynaecologists, urologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists.

There was a considerable interest in this topic, particularly because of testicular cancer. Even though it affects a small number of patients, these patients are young men in their fertile years.

Existing publications have been reprinted according to demand and we have enlarged our offer with new titles.You can find the list of publications on the League's website.

8th year of a Travelling Exhibition concerning oncological prevention took place in 7 towns of our republic, again with a great reception. Once again examinations by dermatologists in an improvised consulting room proved very helpful and due to a great interest we know it is worth continuing with this activity even though we encounter an occasional difficulty with local dermatologists.

During a Travelling Exhibition we succeed in coordinating our event in several towns with a Health Days event that was taking place at the same time, so the exhibition was seen by people in much larger area of a given town.

On the occasion of 25th anniversary of the League's existence, we have this time organized an annual meeting lasting two days. We were trying to arrange sightseeing of some of Prague's historical sights, not only for members of the League living outside of Prague, but primarily provide all members with time and opportunity to get to know each other more closely so they could share their experiences. The programme was brimming with lectures, either with preventive topic of the year or other interesting subjects regarding rights and responsibilities of patients or crime committed on seniors. In the end, a digression concerning the first Czech women philanthropists also stirred considerable response. 

For both social events – the concert of gratitude as well as Christmas concert – we managed to get great performers. We make an effort to supplement our work with cultural activities in order to delight our hearts too.

Long-lasting programme to support quality of life of oncological patients also include convalescent stays. Convalescent stays lasted 12 - 14 days in Spa Toušeň, in Meziboří and in Pleš with good reception. We financially supported a reconstruction of a part of spa premises and accommodation area by way of grants. 

The League provided money to support oncological research of projects by Clinic of Oncology in General University Hospital, Mendel University in Brno, Institute of biophysics and informatics of 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, rehabilitation instruments for Hospital in Pleš, we also supported a publication of Supplements of internal medicine, provided additional equipment for an Institute of Radiation Oncology at Hospital Na Bulovce, for Hospice.

Throughout the year the League participates in many educational events where it presents its activities, long-lasting programmes and also current projects.

An increasing incidence of diseases together with decreasing death rate show that work of the League makes sense.

I believe that we will continue to co-operate on creating normal, healthier world where we can all live in harmony with people and nature.

MUDr. Michaela Fridrichová